Do you own a private parking lot and have problems with abandoned vehicles, for sale vehicles, fire lane violations or cars parking in spots to which they are not assigned? We offer service for multi-housing, residential, commercial and HOA Communities. We stand ready to remove parking violations at a moments notice. We support the efforts of the multi-housing community through our sustaining memberships with the Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA) and Community Association Institute (CAI).

With our Towing Platform you can have your own personal login portal, giving you access

to see any vehicle towed from your property. Saving you time from having to call us to

locate if a vehicle was towed.

We will provide a live demonstration on-site and show the property staff how to use this

program as well.

Regular property patrols to ensure compliance with Fire Lanes, Handicaps, Blocking the

Dumpster or Entrances and other parking restrictions.

Tenant Tow Program that are the size of postcards we provided the property to issue to

their residents to call us directly to have a vehicle removed from their assigned space

24/7/365, and your tenants can even present that card to our drivers to receive $10 off for

Jump Starts, Lock Outs, and Flat Tire Services.

We offer a Sticker Program (FKA: walk and tag) and all the vehicles that are stickered on

the property are sent to your personal account created for you.

Signage: I will come and install our signs over the current signs on the property. However,

if you ever paint the property, have them rip all the signs off and I will come re-install the

signs free of charge and make it look professional.

As for your employees/maintenance and vendor parking, we offer you window hangers

that have our logo on them with expiration dates also on them to avoid unnecessary


Low-Clearance wreckers for parking garages, we can tow any vehicle type from cars and

light trucks, to classic or specialty vehicles.

We can also relocate vehicles on the property when you are having parking lot repairs



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